isv4industry is an alliance of internationally active software manufacturers who offer their expertise to bring solutions to the intelligent factory of tomorrow.


Solutions for the smart factory of tomorrow: isv4industry is Microsoft Partner of the Year

For the first time, augmensys, COPA-DATA, icomedias and PROLOGICS, an alliance of four Austrian [...]

The isv4industry software alliance wins Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award in Austria

The isv4industry alliance, founded at the end of 2015 by four Austrian software companies, will [...]

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New industry software alliance formed

At the end of 2015, four independent Austrian software producers, augmensys, COPA-DATA, icomedias and PROLOGICS [...]

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Complete and cross-system applications for the intelligent factory of tomorrow taking the example of maintenance.

About us

The isv4industry alliance was founded in 2015, by independent, internationally active, software manufacturers: COPA-DATA, icomedias and PROLOGICS. All three members offer cross-system applications in the Industry 4.0 environment through the interaction of their products and technologies. Their industrial expertise is the basis for their comprehensive solutions for the intelligent factory of tomorrow.


The isv4industry alliance has the goal of showing industrial corporations the concrete value of the newest technological developments and implementing these in practice by means of existing infrastructures. This covers applications in maintenance, start-up, quality management, energy data management, logistics and more. The holistic approach of the alliance allows existing infrastructures to be qualitatively optimized, work processes more efficiently and quickly designed, costs reduced, flexibility increased and competitive advantage increased.

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